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Bugey-Cerdon La Cueille

One of the wines we’ll be pouring at our “Sparkles and Sweets” event is “La Cueille”.    Bugey_Cerdon is the region of France in which this beautiful lightly sparkling wine is produced by Patrick Bottex.   Grapes are 90% Gamay and 10% Poulsard,  harvested by hand, and undergo the “method ancestral” of fermentation in which the wine is bottles half was through fermentation, and after about 2 months is ready to drink.   Full of bright fruit and an amazing shade of purple/pink. The touch of sweetness makes this wine easy to drink and pairs well  with many foods.  It’s one of the favorites at Convivio, and we think everyone needs to try it because they will love it!


So excited to be decorating for the holidays!  Lots of felt ornaments for 2014, this snowperson from Sweden is cheering us on as we decorate the store.

Sparkles and Sweets

Join us for “Sparkles and Sweets” on December 7th from 2 until 4 p.m. at the White School 242 N Lexington St.  Convivio will be featuring a selection of delicious sparkling wines to be enjoyed with Grace’s fabulous pastries.  You may remember Grace  from the Riverview Terrace Cafe where she is the pastry chef, or as the girl at the Farmer’s Market with the incredible macaroons each Saturday morning.

Just $28 per person.  Call Convivio to reserve your spot!


First Friday of October 2014.

The colors and textures of Jane Varda’s paintings and pastels draw you in, and this collection makes you think thoughts of cooling weather and harvest moons.  There are still-life paintings and landscapes, including a few painted on the grounds of Taliesin.  The opening for this exhibit is Friday evening from 5 – 7.  We’ll be sampling 2 wines that are new to Convivio from South America. Please join us!

Riesling Tasting

Matt from L’Eft Bank Wine will join us on Saturday September 20th from 1 – 3 pm.  He’ll have some beautiful Rieslings to sample, very dry, quite sweet, and everything in between.  Please join us! Riesling is one of the best wines to pair with cheeses, and has a bad reputation to overcome… it’s not just simple and sweet, it can be beautiful and complex.  Here’s your chance to sample.

Trunk Show!

We’re having an Accessories Trunk Show in conjunction with

Bali & Soul.  Janice will join us with her imports from Bali, Thailand, and India and will have scarves, shawls and jewelry for sale.  Of course we will choose a wine to pair with such an evening and have it available for sampling.

Please spread the word!  and be sure to join us!

Friday September 5th. From 5 – 8 pm

Recipe! Spaghetti with mint pesto

While you’re cooking a package of delicious imported pasta (this recipe came from the Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta Company) mix up these ingredients so they are ready to toss on top:

Start with a large bunch of mint with a pinch of sea salt added (it helps keep the green color)  and mash it together with a clove of garlic. (you can use a mortar and pestle,  or a food processor, or just a chef’s knife and a cutting board).  Stir it all together with about a 1/3 cup or extra virgin olive oil and a couple handfuls of chopped nuts.

Saute a few strips of bacon and dice them, along with a couple of garden fresh tomatoes.

Mix it all together on top of the hot pasta, add a bit of grated parmesan and maybe a bit more olive oil.  Enjoy!


First Friday of August

The ballerina dog portraits by Susan Colby.  Creative, imaginative images that take dog portraits to a whole new level.  Please join us. Friday August 1st from 5 to 8 p.m.  We’re still deciding what wine pairs well with canines in tutus.

Port & Tonic Recipe

Doug’s recipe for White Port and Tonic:

3/4 oz. tonic concentrate and same amount of White Port

top with 4 oz. of soda water for the bubbles.   Done and delicious!