Upcoming Events

First Friday of June

Please join us on June 5th from 5 – 8 pm for a chocolate and wine sampling with Lisa Nelson the owner of Roots Chocolates in the Wisconsin Dells.

c. Cal at Convivio for the First Friday of July

We’re looking forward to hosting Craig Grabhorn one the First Friday of July.  His silk screened images will enchant you.  Please put the 3th of July (yes, I said 3th) on your calendar so you can join us for some summer wine and beautiful art.

Wine 101 Summer School

We’re happy to report that our Wine 101 classes have been popular enough that we’re adding a summer school session.

August 22nd at 6 pm

Class topics to be announced soon.  Check back here!


Sauvignon Blanc wine 101

Once again we’ll be at the White School on the afternoon of April 18th tasting Sauv blanc paired with foods prepared by Jacki at the Kitchen at Arcadia.  We have 2 French wines in the lineup, both from the Loire Valley, one wine from the Casablanca Valley in Chile, and the final one from Marlborough, New Zealand.  Please join us! reservations available through Convivio –  608.588.2351.

Pinot Noir – Wine 101

Pinot Noir is one of the most complicated wines out there.   The grapes, as well as the wines, are very sensitive to choices made by those tending them.   Winemakers say that Pinot Noir can be very challenging and making wine from it can be unpredictable.  The wines themselves taste dramatically different from each other as they are so very influenced by the soil, the weather, and the winemaker.   On Saturday March 21st we’ll be sampling 4 of them: 2 from the Burgundy region of France along with 2 domestics from Oregon.  Come taste the differences, and enjoy pairing them with small plates prepared by Jacki at The Kitchen at Arcadia Books.

$35 per person.  4 pm Saturday March 21st. at the White School.

Wine 101 – Malbec

On Saturday February 28th we’ll be hosting our 2nd Wine 101 class, featuring the grape Malbec.  Two wines from the grapes home territory of France, and two from it’s adopted home, Argentina, will be featured and paired with small plates from the Kitchen at Arcadia.

$35 per person, please call to make your reservation 608.588.2351 or send an email to mary@convivioshop.com

Cabernet Sauvignon

We’re preparing for our first Wine 101 on Saturday January 31st.

We’ll be pouring cabs from Chile, Argentina, California, and France. Paired with the wines will be: roasted mushrooms in phyllo, chorizo tortilla espanola, braised short ribs over polenta, and blue cheese and balsamic onion jam crostini.

Delicious!  $35 per person. call Convivio for reservations. 608.588.2351

Wine 101

WiNE 101  at the White School!  Mark your calendars!

Convivio and the Kitchen at Arcadia are teaming up to explore wine and food.  You’ll sample 4 wines from different producers and regions that will be paired with delicious small plates.

4 sessions – $35 per class.   No prerequisites!

Class starts at 4 pm

Saturday January 31st.  Cabernet

Saturday February 28th  Malbec

Saturday  March 21st,  Pinot Noir

Saturday April 18th.  Sauvignon Blanc

Premier Cru Champaigne

Another sparkling wine that we’ll taste on the 7th of December is the Gonet-Medeville  champaigne.  So beautiful!  this wine may be all the reason anyone needs to attend this event!

Imported by Martine’s Wines and a part of their fabulous collection.  If you haven’t heard of it, there’s a fabulous video (available on Netflix) titled “a Year in Burgundy” that features Martine and her wines.  It’s an entertaining way to learn more about French wines.

Hope you can join us for this tasting!

Bugey-Cerdon La Cueille

One of the wines we’ll be pouring at our “Sparkles and Sweets” event is “La Cueille”.    Bugey_Cerdon is the region of France in which this beautiful lightly sparkling wine is produced by Patrick Bottex.   Grapes are 90% Gamay and 10% Poulsard,  harvested by hand, and undergo the “method ancestral” of fermentation in which the wine is bottles half was through fermentation, and after about 2 months is ready to drink.   Full of bright fruit and an amazing shade of purple/pink. The touch of sweetness makes this wine easy to drink and pairs well  with many foods.  It’s one of the favorites at Convivio, and we think everyone needs to try it because they will love it!