New Products

Roots Chocolates!

Lisa Nelson, the Chief Chocolate officer of Roots Chocolates, crafts her beautiful and delicious confections at her kitchen on her Wisconsin Dells farm, often using ingredients that she grows on the farm herself.  Convivio is so excited to announce that we now have 4 piece boxes of her truffles.  AND she will be joining us for the First Friday of June for a chocolate and wine sampling.  Join us on June 5th, from 5 – 8 pm.

Spring is time for pink wine!

The rosés from France have arrived.  Dry, crisp and drinkable.  One more fruity, another more earthy.  Three in stock at the moment.  All priced between  $12 and  $15.

We love Bikes!

For Spring we have all sorts of interesting items for bike enthusiasts.  Doormats, bookmarks, mugs, etc.  Ready for Spring!

New Chocolates!

Convivio is very excited to be stocking bean-to-bar chocolates from Sjolind’s in Mount Horeb.  We’re trying to keep several varieties on hand because they are SO delicious and we’re excited that they’re produced locally.

For the Spring season we also have a selection of their Easter Bunnies!

January Clearance Sale!

There’s a lot of beautiful merchandise on our clearance tables this year.  Not just holiday decor, but dishware and linens, and most of it is 50% off!


So excited to be decorating for the holidays!  Lots of felt ornaments for 2014, this snowperson from Sweden is cheering us on as we decorate the store.

Recipe! Spaghetti with mint pesto

While you’re cooking a package of delicious imported pasta (this recipe came from the Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta Company) mix up these ingredients so they are ready to toss on top:

Start with a large bunch of mint with a pinch of sea salt added (it helps keep the green color)  and mash it together with a clove of garlic. (you can use a mortar and pestle,  or a food processor, or just a chef’s knife and a cutting board).  Stir it all together with about a 1/3 cup or extra virgin olive oil and a couple handfuls of chopped nuts.

Saute a few strips of bacon and dice them, along with a couple of garden fresh tomatoes.

Mix it all together on top of the hot pasta, add a bit of grated parmesan and maybe a bit more olive oil.  Enjoy!


Port & Tonic Recipe

Doug’s recipe for White Port and Tonic:

3/4 oz. tonic concentrate and same amount of White Port

top with 4 oz. of soda water for the bubbles.   Done and delicious!



Summertime baskets

Beautiful Baskets for a trip to the Farmer’s Market or a stroll through the Art Fair.  Made by hand in Morocco out of sturdy palm leafs, they are perfect for the beach… but I’m hauling my computer around in mine so that I get to use it every day!