New Products

Port & Tonic Recipe

Doug’s recipe for White Port and Tonic:

3/4 oz. tonic concentrate and same amount of White Port

top with 4 oz. of soda water for the bubbles.   Done and delicious!



Summertime baskets

Beautiful Baskets for a trip to the Farmer’s Market or a stroll through the Art Fair.  Made by hand in Morocco out of sturdy palm leafs, they are perfect for the beach… but I’m hauling my computer around in mine so that I get to use it every day!

Belle De Brillet

Back in stock is our favorite Belle De Brillet – a delicious blend of pear liqueur and cognac.  While it’s perfect straight and chilled, there are other ways to enjoy it:

Try it drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Belle Royale – serve in a champagne glass 1/4 Belle de Brillet, 3/4 champagne

Belle Martini – Blend 1/3 Belle de Brillet and 2/3 vodka and pour over ice.


Tea Canisters

New at Convivio – beautiful, hand made tea canisters from Japan.  Perfect to keep tea, coffee or spices fresh OR would make a fabulous gift box!