Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms are all different.  Finding the right gift can be challenging but fun.  Here are a few ideas from Convivio that we hope will inspire a great Mother’s Day:

1.  Bike Basket!  Fill it with goodies that she will love.

2. Beautiful insulated  mugs for tea or coffee.  She’ll think of you every time she sips her favorite beverage.

3. Tie a gorgeous tea towel around a bottle of wine.  It’s something to share together paired with something to keep.

4. Candles tied with ribbon.  Either a few pillar candles or a bouquet of tapers tied with a bow. Great colors to choose from – both in the candles and the ribbons!

5.  A lovely liqueur to add to a cocktail or sip after dinner.  We have the ever famous St Germain, as well as St George’s famous Raspberry Liqueur, a chocolate grappa, and Creme de Violette to choose from.