Recipe! Spaghetti with mint pesto

While you’re cooking a package of delicious imported pasta (this recipe came from the Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta Company) mix up these ingredients so they are ready to toss on top:

Start with a large bunch of mint with a pinch of sea salt added (it helps keep the green color)  and mash it together with a clove of garlic. (you can use a mortar and pestle,  or a food processor, or just a chef’s knife and a cutting board).  Stir it all together with about a 1/3 cup or extra virgin olive oil and a couple handfuls of chopped nuts.

Saute a few strips of bacon and dice them, along with a couple of garden fresh tomatoes.

Mix it all together on top of the hot pasta, add a bit of grated parmesan and maybe a bit more olive oil.  Enjoy!